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A Companion via G&C

If you could use some company and support

Görtz & Crown now also in exclusive private (non-medical) home care

Supporting families is the primary task of Görtz & Crown. It is in our genes. Until 2020 this was only available for families with children. 
However, we are convinced that we can also unburden the elderly, their partner and busy families, so that the elderly are less lonely and with a G&C Companion and their support
 can continue to live independently at home for longer. We are an extension of the family caregiver.

In this case, we call the 'nanny': G&C Companion

A G&C companion is flexible and coordinates tasks with the rest of the family. The exact tasks and amount of needed working hours depends on everyone's personal situation and wishes. This support is divided in four areas: 
- being good company and a discussion partner, giving attention, but also providing support in maintaining social contacts;
- organizing care and welfare and helping with personal care;
- support with hygiene in and around the house, but also provide meals if desired;
- helping and stimulating the elder and family in dealing with the situation and coordinating with other directly involved parties.

The G&C Companion acts as a companion and guide

Görtz & Crown places one-on-one G&C Companions within one household. He/she becomes familiar with the elderly in need of care, his/her wishes and needs and of the partner and the other family members within the household. This ensures that everything runs smoothly within the household and that not only the senior but the entire family is supported.

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