A G&C companion works for one family and is responsible for the care and organizing tasks within the household.

For whom?

Of course, the G&C Companion is primarily there for the elderly who need company and support. But any partner, family or other informal carers are also supported by the G&C Companion, which takes on part of the tasks in terms of informal care.
Depending on the situation, the elderly person, their informal carer partner or family will take the initiative to ask for help from Görtz & Crown.


The G&C Companion is primarily there for the elderly themselves. And depending on their personal situation, the G&C Companion will step in. The activities usually take place in the areas of "care and welfare", "organization of the household" and "daytime activities and social contacts".


What if your partner needs a lot of extra care and attention and you are almost on your own? How nice would it be to be supported in the care and well-being of your partner in need of help, without you not being alone or having to involve others every time? Help with cooking or with social activities inside or outside the house, so that you can get out yourself without any worries.

Children (and grandchildren)

The combination of a busy life and providing the best possible informal care to (one of) your (grand) parents can be difficult. A G&C Companion (m/f) offers a solution. This person will ensure that your parents and grandparents receive the best possible care and company, which relieves you of the burden of caring.

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persoonlijk contact?

We komen graag met u in gesprek om goed in te kunnen spelen op uw persoonlijke situatie. Laat uw gegevens achter en we nemen gauw contact met u op.

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