The Görtz & Crown method is affiliated with our four core values:
Quality, Discretion, Personal and Engaged.

G&C method

The Görtz & Crown method is affiliated with our four core values:



A G&C Companion is close to your private life and a personal connection with you therefore is essential. With our structured working method, we guide you in finding the right person who suits you best. We help you with optimizing your home organization. We consciously pay attention to this process. Before we start searching, we visit you at home to discuss your personal wishes and needs.


We carefully select and continuously train all our G&C Companions. Our G&C Companions follow mandatory yearly training to keep them updated regarding the latest developments and issues in the field of elderly care. 


We are intimately involved with our families and G&C Companions. In addition to our periodic evaluations with both parties, we always are available to respond to unexpected situations. We stand for a sustainable and long-term relationship.


We treat sensitive information about you and your family confidentially. Discretion is an important core value for us and our assistants.


Within a few simple steps Görtz & Crown helps you with finding the right solution (compagnion) for optimizing the organization of your household. This method may seem long but can be completed in less than a month when needed.

During this contact we will discuss with you whether a G&C Companion can be a solution for you.

After this contact, we will send you an e-mail containing information about our method, service and an overview of the costs. G&C works on a no cure no pay base.

Your G&C contact person schedules an intake appointment on a suitable day and time. This appointment can be scheduled during the day or evenings. In this extensive personal conversation we discuss how a G&C Companion could fit into your life. Together we make a profile and description of your wishes regarding the G&C Companion.

After the intake and the agreement to start searching, we will introduce a number of Companions to you within an agreed reasonable period of time. We will send you several profiles of potential and interested candidates.

You will choose which candidates you would like to invite for a first meeting potentially after discussing with your G&C contact.

We will schedule these meetings with the selected candidates on the dates/times you have proposed. The candidates will visit you at your home. The G&C Companion will also have the opportunity to view (part of) your home where he/she will spend a lot of time potentially working.

After these first meetings, you will evaluate with your G&C contact person by telephone or through email. From there on we will determine which candidates will proceed within the selection process.

According to your choice of candidates, we will contact them and schedule one or more orientation days. Your candidate G&C Companion will visit your home for at least three hours. This orientation makes it possible for you to experience the collaboration and connection with you, your partner and G&C Companion. Your G&C contact person will evaluate these orientation days with you. In case you are not entirely confident about the candidates, we will search for alternative candidates. We will keep searching and continue the procedure until you have found your perfect G&C companion.

You and your candidate G&C Companion will discuss the terms of employment. This is usually done at the end of an orientation day or during a third meeting. G&C can give advice and assists in any meaningful way. We can also give you an indication of the salary for the G&C Companions.

After you and your candidate have agreed on the terms of employment, you will sign the contract together. If you wish, G&C can help you with drafting this contract. We can advise you about fiscal matters, matters concerning labor legislation or other matters.

Once the contract is signed by both parties, G&C will send an invoice for the mediation. If we did not succeed in finding a suitable G&C Companion we will not charge you and will remove your data from our system if desired.

One week after the start of the employment, your G&C contact person will reach out to you and your G&C Companion to review the first week. If necessary, we will provide extra coaching on the job to make sure everything goes according to your wishes.

After approximately three months we will contact you and your G&C companion to evaluate the collaboration. If you need advice or an evaluation in an earlier stage, we will help you where and when needed.

We will keep very close contact with both the family and the G&C Companion during the first period. We always strive for a sustainable match.

After one year you feel peaceful and in balance. The elder feels at ease and your partner and family are satisfied. You have a stable home situation with a professional G&C Companion you can trust and rely on for hopefully many years.

You experience a stable, solide and safe family environment. The elder feels at ease. Partner and family are satisfied. And there is a stable home situation with a professional G&C Companion you can trust and rely on.

What appeals to me most about working for Görtz & Crown is that the very involved Görtz & Crown team guides, helps and trains you during your entire G&C career.

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