Are you flexible? Do you have organizational talent? Sensitive, discreet and eager to learn? And if you like working with the elderly, Görtz & Crown is looking for you.

Eigenschappen van een

G&C Companion

In addition to the characteristics that you can expect from someone working in the elderly care, we expect the following characteristics from our G&C Companions:


You act calmly and adequately during irregular working hours and unexpected situations. You are well prepared in every situation. You are creative in finding solutions and are stress-resistant.

Organization skills

You are in total control and you manage the daily schedule quickly and effortlessly. It takes a lot to get you out of control!

Sensitive and patient

You know exactly how to deal with the elderly AND their families. You offer stability and tranquility for the entire family. Elderly people feel good, relaxed and at ease with you.


As a G&C Companion you experience everything that happens within the household from up close. It goes without saying that you handle this in a confidential manner and treat all information about the family with the greatest respect. This means that you do not anybody that is close to you about confidential matters that run in the family. Discretion is very important to you.

Eager to learn

As a G&C Companion you need to be eager to learn to make sure you are updated regarding the newest developments within the elderly care. Staying educated your entire career as a G&C companion and following continuous training that G&C offers is a necessity for you.

Interested and you want to know more? Feel free to contact Jaap. He will gladly inform you about the possibilities. Or fill in the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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